Monetisation Policy

How I monetise this website

The videos above shows several ways I monetise this website, as well as described below;

  1. Google adsense, when you click on the ads provided by Google I will be paid for being their publisher.
  2. Affiliate programs, like Google Ads, when you click on the link leading to an affiliate products I will be paid a certain commission.
  3. Paid third party product and services reviews.
  4. Sponsored content, where a third party provide content for publishing in the website. All sponsored content will be identified with the word “Promoted” or “Sponsored”
  5. Ad space where advertisers will purchase ad space. These advertising will be identified with the “Promoted” or “Sponsored”
  6. Direct engagement for professional advise.

Please contact me via the CONTACT ME form at the bottom of the home page if you have any questions or wishes to advertise on my this site.

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